The Pretty Gritty Crew

Sarah and Sophie have got a lot in common. They share names that start with the same letter but more importantly, they share a love of fresh air, freedom, and spending time in the mountains with smiley people and hairy dogs.

Their parents don’t really know what they do but both Sarah and Sophie claim to have successfully carved out careers as gear editors and outdoor/adventure travel writers.

Their paths first crossed in the summer of 2015 when they separately signed up to the inaugural Race to Rosé event in Chamonix. As it turned out, this was actually neither a race nor an event but simply a bunch of mates going for a run in mountains around Chamonix before enjoying a liquid lunch in the sun.

Sarah and Sophie started chatting and soon realised that they both spent many hours putting outdoor kit to the test for a range of leading outdoor publications and had a shared desire to bring a decent female-specific gear resource to life.

Many kilometers were covered that day, several glasses of wine were consumed but most importantly, two friends finally came together and Pretty Gritty was born.

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