An exciting morning here at PG HQ - we've just received our very first item of Pretty Gritty branded gear!

At the moment, we're just putting the feelers out regarding the kinds of products we would like to produce and who we'd like to work with on this side of the project but hey, it's pretty cool to actually hold something like this in your hands.

For some reason, this one little white racerback sleeveless t-shirt from the award-winning UK eco-fashion brand Rapanui makes it all feel real and kind of possible.

Ultimately we'd like to produce a range of high quality, organic, ethically made PG gear - t-shirts, hoodies, trucker hats, headbands, socks etc - so if you've got any ideas regarding the type of companies we should be looking to partner with on this side of the project then please get in touch.

We'd love to hear your ideas and feedback as we move forwards.

Onwards comrades...


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