Leaving the Alps for Scotland at the end of last year was tough.

Saying goodbye to great friends, reliable sunshine, epic powder days, big mountains and cheap wine was always going to be an awkwardly large and pretty average tasting pill to have to swallow but as a clever chap called Einstein once claimed - 'In the midst of difficulty, there lies opportunity.'

Of all the new opportunities that have come into my life over the past 6 months, the one that I'm the most excited took place on Sunday when I started training with the Torridon Mountain Rescue Team

The most memorable days of my life have always involved being in the hills and in recent years, I've found myself becoming increasingly keen to find a positive way to channel these experiences. Call it a mid-life crisis, call it cheesy, call it what you like - I'm not really fussed as it feels good to be on a new adventure which is ultimately a little less about self-satisfaction and a bit more about helping other people out.

I've only done one day of training so far and I loved it. The banter was excellent, egos were noticeably absent, I learned loads and am ready to get stuck in and help out where I can.

1 session down, 5 to go.

Watch this space.





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